Thursday, November 18, 2010

Call of Duty: Black Ops

So I've been playing this game a lot as of late.

I was hesitant to get it because I was hearing a lot of mixed reviews, but I found it for $50 and a warranty so I jumped right on it.

It's definitely a step forward from MW2.

I don't normally see people camping every corner or head glitch, and it seems as if the kill streaks aren't as powerful as they were in MW2.  They actually take skill unlike the MW2 chopper gunner.  There's 15 prestiges and they brought back golden guns, they also added a host of new camos that you can purchase using the new system "CoD Points". 

Overall it's a great game and I can see myself playing this until the next CoD release.


  1. You're the first person I've heard that likes it. Everyone else has been disappointed and/or bored of it already.

    I don't plan on getting it. COD4 was the peak of the series I think.

  2. I never saw much of a difference in FPS's maybe I should pay more attention to them.

  3. this pretty much works for me.

    smoochies n' poopies. :*

  4. still haven't played it yet, hopefully my roommates pick that shit up

  5. I haven't played COD since 4 so it's been a while for me since MW2 sucks. I got Black Ops and have been pleased with it so far, although its not a huge improvement over MW2. I'll be playing it a while

  6. Was a fan of mw2 simply because I enjoy the balance of killstreaks over cod4. Haven't picked up /blackops yet but plan on doing that soon.