Sunday, February 6, 2011

HoN Video Project :: I'm bored

I want to make a video similar the the last thing I posted and possibly make an actual fragvid, montage or a compilation of clips, whatever you guys want to call it.

Basically, I need songs.  I'm think that the one posted above would be amazing for an intro or a teaser.  Tell me what you guys think.

This would be directly after the intro if it were put in.

This one would be sick for the second part of the movie.

Tell me your thoughts or give me some suggestions.  I'm looking for up beat types of songs with a good tempo.


  1. I really enjoyed the songs :)

  2. The middle one was my favorite, though they were all good.
    -Supported by, Maniacal

  3. im using too much bandwidth so those won't load,, but maybe i'll check back

  4. Blasted in 7.1 surround this shit sounds wild. nice

  5. kimi hohoenda yoru?
    if you're not afraid of japanese tracks. haha.

  6. Great tunes, can't wait to see the video, i played Hon in beta but never bought it after that.

  7. Loved the last one, getting their album now.