Monday, January 17, 2011

Call of Duty: Black Ops ::First Strike Map Pack

Berlin Wall
The largest of the new maps prominently features its namesake, bisecting the map (there's a hole players can cross through) and essentially pitting East vs. West. There are plenty of tall buildings offering good spots for snipers. The most promising feature is an area called "No Man's Land." This big open space offers a shortcut, but provides no cover and is guarded by automated turrets. Pro tip: Run fast.

A large map set in the Antarctic at an abandoned German outpost from World War II. A seemingly bottomless chasm separates the map. The catch? The icy bridges that lead players over the chasm can be blown up. Yes, you have an all new use for your C4.

You might remember visiting here from the single-player campaign, but the area was rebuilt completely for multiplayer. Olin promises a lot of verticality in the map. To help get around, Kowloon is the first and only map to offer ziplines. You'll get down to lower areas quickly, but you're completely exposed on the zipline. You know there will be campers waiting to pick off anyone who takes the risk -- so be smart about using these.

The smallest map in First Strike, Stadium is still going to be bigger than something like Nuketown. Even though it's mid-sized compared to the full Black Ops offering, there's not a lot of open space. Sorry snipers! Stadium is for close-quarters combat. Olin advises players equip motion sensors or tactical insertion in any objective-based modes.

Zombies Mode Map - Ascension
Set in an "abandoned Soviet cosmodrome," Ascension features the regular cast of Zombies players (Takeo, Nikoli, Dempsey, and Rictoffen). But it does include new enemies, including Space Monkeys who steal perks. Uh.... what? New weapons include the Gersch Device or "Black Hole Bomb" and Matryoshka Dolls. Those damned dirty monkeys will be swiping new perks that include Stamin-Up and PhD Flopper, the benefits of which we're not quite sure.


  1. Zombie mode is awesome and I love that they are supporting it. Now if only Live could team me up with better partners

  2. wow, big map pack will it be free?

  3. It probably won't be free since Activision turned COD into its money cow.

  4. i wish it didn't lag on my comp...

  5. @VegaX: I doubt it will be free. This stuff is never free, man.